LP Crisis: Your epistle is of personal bitterness and ignorance Arabambi replies Ahanotu's finger-pointing ...Says it's an attempt to cover up pertinent issues - THE LIVING GUIDE

LP Crisis: Your epistle is of personal bitterness and ignorance Arabambi replies Ahanotu's finger-pointing ...Says it's an attempt to cover up pertinent issues

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By Our Correspondent 

Labour Party's National Publicity Secretary, Dr Abayomi Arabambi has reacted to the various accusations bordering on infidelity and greediness levelled against him by the Acting National Youth Leader of the party, Prince Kennedy Ahanotu.

In a damning treatise titled; how APC money induced Abayomi Arabambi to declare war on the Labour Party, Ahanatu has maintained that Arabambi is being motivated by sleaze from the All  Progressives Congress to fight the National Chairman of his party, Barrister Julius Abure.

But Dr Arabambi in his reply yesterday to Ahanotu's accusations, he described it as an  "epistle of personal bitterness and ignorance and an attempt to overthrow democracy".

Here is Dr Arabambi's unedited reply to Ahanotu who he described as a mere errand boy for Labour Party's Chairman, Abure:

"My attention has been drawn to the dishonest, erroneous and incorrect narrative spun by unctuous, dissipated, debauched,criminally indicted , Forger, desperate and Court restrained Former National Chairman of Labour Party Julius ABURE and his co Travellers to divert attention from a perfect narrative of the crimes they committed and that has also been confirmed by the Police and a competent court of jurisdiction which has granted a warrant of arrest against the fugitive of Law

This very long but embarrassingly empty epistle of calumny written by Kennedy AHANOTU marks him out as a very worthless addition to the human race because rather than asking his master's to surrender to police prosecution, the pedestrian political misfits was busy painting the air space with allegations that i was been sponsored by APC to destroy labour party.

Let me remind this political scavenger and mercenaries that I am  older in all ramifications to the younger Julius ABURE as  he was the LP  State Secretary in Edo State  while I was the Ogun State Deputy Chairman as far back as 2010 , I have no reasons to destroy what I build with my hard earned money but for the ethnic cleansing  embarked upon by Julius ABURE and Clement Ojukwu (The former National Organizing Secretary ) which was resisted as labour party was not build on religious beliefs or ethnic bigotry and colouration. 

It's on records that the PCC members were populated by a section of the country especially Anambra and Edo state which is against the federal character act and principle of equal justice which was the bed rock of our con

By abandoning the reasons why his corrupt masters were restrained by the FCT high court and his rantings all through his epistle , it is made clear that he substantially lacks the capacity to correctly understand the complexities in rational thinking needed to be a responsible public commentator .

 The silly and choreographed Kennedy AHANOTU deliberate falsehood to sell a false narrative to the public will not worked as I hereby postulate the following questions for their immediate response.

Was forgery committed or Not?

Was pejury committed or Not?

Where Did Julius ABURE and 3 others get the seal of the justice of FCT High court?

Where did Julius ABURE and 3 others get the stamp of the commissioner for OATH of the FCT high court?

Where did Julius ABURE and 3 others accomplices generated their own Treasurery Single Account (TSA) receipt?

This question are begging for answer rather than looping their manifestly corrupt action to APC sponsorship of my person to destabilize labour party and given it a police support colouration.

The Leadership of APC has no business in the current Labour party imbroglio but rather a self afflicted one propagated and precipitated by Julius ABURE and his group of companies knowns as serial forger with unstable identity.

In Kennedy AHANOTU unintelligent epistle , this programed puppet , talked about litany of cases I solely sponsored with Bar Mawah Monday and National Legal adviser Bar OYELEKAN AKINGBADE where we got judgment on February 2nd in respect of 24 states for Labour party as a bad case. 

A totally bitter and ignorant mind like this of Kennedy AHANOTU are poisonous to the society. On what basis did he arrive at this warped opinion ?. On any scale and in any measure , the success of those cases are very much very far better for LP in the end as this was the reason why our party as so many representatives in the national and state assemblies

 People like this unintelligent Kennedy AHANOTU wanting to re - write history are cancers that should be completely isolated in any decent Society. 

Ordinarily , the silly epistle of calumny and ignorance from this young but mentally spent Kennedy AHANOTU asked questions on APC sponsorship and police support are all bland and empty. Moreover If this paid - writer had done his homework very well , he would not have asked these questions that exposes his shallow knowledge of the obtainable facts of criminal forgery and pejury that has warranted his frustration and now all of them are intimidated by the sky - bound profile of the undisputed Dr Arabambi Abayomi . Conclusively he doesn't have regards for facts , but prefers emotional rhetorics to reasoned argument.

 For the information and education of the lilliputian political paw and puppet Kennedy AHANOTU and his ilk , it must be clearly emphasised that Dr Arabambi Abayomi has since grown into the class of responsible and reliable leaders who will not only take the people to where they want to go but far much further to where they don't know they have to be but ought to be .

 I have over the time proven my worth as an incorruptible and uncorrupted Leader and one of the very few Leaders who conduct themselves with integrity and respect in Labour party

 It is know that the trio of Lamidi Apapa the Deputy National Chairman (South) and Acting National Chairman of Labour Party, Barr Akingbade Oyelekan, National Legal Adviser and my humble self have served a minimum of 13 -21 years in Labour Party consistently

Finally for the public consumption ,below are the highlights of Abure's Criminality*;

(a): Forged Signatures of LP Candidates.

(b): Forged Documents of LP Candidates 

(c): Forged Withdrawal Letters of LP Candidates submitted to INEC.

(d): Unlawful Substitution of LP Candidates submitted to INEC

(d): Fake & Forged Sworn Affidavits of FCT High Court Receipts, Seals and Oaths.

(f): Perjury

(g): Criminal Conspiracy 

(h): FCT High Court Order of Interim Injunction Restraining Julius Abure and three (3) others:

(i): Alhaji Umar Farouk Ibrahim, National Secretary,
(ii): Ojukwu Clement, National Organizing Secretary,
(iii): Mrs Oluchi Okpara, National Treasurer from parading themselves as National Officers of LP

(j): Nigeria Police Investigation & Forensic Audit Report indicting Julius Abure and three others for FORGERY, PERJURY AND CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY 
(k): FCT High Court Warrant of Arrest secured by police for the Arrest of Julius Abure and 3 others.

 The Labour Party, LP National Working Committee, NWC under the able leadership of Alhaji Basiru Lamidi Bashir Apapa and Alh Saleh Lawal wish to bring to the notice of the general public that WARRANTS OF ARREST have been secured from the FCT High Court for implementation against Julius Abure and three (3) others.

That the warrants of arrest are consequent upon the Nigeria Police Investigation & Forensic Audit Report that indicted Barr Julius Abure and others for Forgery, Perjury and criminal conspiracy.

That Abure's public utterances, disobedience to the FCT High Court Order Retraining him from parading himself as the National Chairman of Labour Party & National officer if not curtailed immediately is threat to peace and National Security and unity

That the conduct of Julius ABURE, Kennedy AHANOTU and 3 others has now put my life and family in danger of imminent assassination since it's obvious I have now been marked out for elimination 

 That In order to avoid breakdown of law and order in Nigeria through public incitement by Julius Abure which could lead to violent thrown of democratically elected Administration, the inspector General of Police IGP and the DG, department of State Security Service, DG-DSSS are enjoined to implement the Warrant of arrest already secured by the police at the FCT High Court to bring Abure and 3 others to face prosecution

Thank you

Labour Party
Forward Ever
Backward Never

Dr Abayomi Arabambi
National Publicity Secretary

10th April 2023

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