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3 Popular Meals In The Kalabari Region Of Rivers State

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"Iya mina pu." This is a form of greeting in the Kalabari language. The Kalabari people are a part of the Ijaw tribe that hails from Rivers State and they sure have a rich culture.

From their festivals to their food, weddings to their traditional outfits, they are known to be proud of their culture and show it off at any chance they get. To celebrate the Kalabari culture, here are 3 cuisines that are popular amongst them.

3 dishes to try from the Kalabari region

1. Onunu

This is a mixture of overly ripe plantain, extra soft boiled yam and palm oil mashed together with a bit of salt to taste. It is typically served at Ijaw or Kalabari traditional weddings. It can be eaten with fresh fish pepper soup or fish stew.

2. Odu Fulo - Native soup

This is a popular dish and is pretty expensive to cook. It is made with any and everything that can be found in the sea. It is typically made with fresh fish, nsam (blue periwinkles), ngolo (white periwinkles), ofingo (clams) and any other seafood that might tickle your fancy. It can be eaten with fufu, garri, pounded yam or any other swallow of your choice.

3. Fisherman soup

This is a soup made with palm oil, fresh fish and other kinds of seafood like snail, nsam, ngolo, ofingo etc. Some people use okra to make it so think seafood okra. History has it that it is named so because back in the day, the fishermen would make soup using whatever they caught at sea with palm oil and eat it. It can be eaten with any swallow of your choice, yam or cocoyam.

Have you ever tried any of these? Would you be willing to try them out?

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