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Safety Of Daughter: 68yr Old Woman Appeals To Security Agencies

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By Our Correspondent

A 68yr old  woman ,Mrs Enang Oboba has appealed to security operatives to help fish out some social  miscreants believed to be after her daughter's life, for political reasons.

Mrs Oboba made the appeal while speaking with journalists who thronged her residence in Lagos State,to make enquiries on her daughter, Mrs Flora Ochadu who was allegedly attacked in Abuja,for  campaigning openly for the Labour Party and all its candidates during  the just concluded elections

Looking disturbed,the old woman expressed outrage that since the last elections,her daughter and her family have been living and moving with fear.

"Some hired killers believed to be working for a particular Political party have been chasing my daughter about,with an intent to harm her,because she worked for Obi,who is from the same region with us"

Mrs Oboba explained that more than twice ,the thugs ,had visited her daughter's house with dangerous weapons,saying that they would be merciless with her when ever they saw her.

"I believe it is no sin for one ,to join any political party of ones choice.Then why are these people after my daughter,for God's sake" she queried, asking security agents to come to the aid of her daughter before she is harmed.

 She noted that her daughter,Flora could no longer bear the stress she currently goes through in her attempt to run away from her attackers,who she said had vowed to leave no stone unturned in their efforts at getting her.

“My daughter,you won't believe, has been running from pillar to pole with myriad of threat letters to her by the suspected political thugs"she added  with bewilderment.

She noted that the level of threat to her daughter's life was making her uncomfortable,noting " my daughter and I,no longer live with happiness .The trend is frightening and embarrassing" 

The development,according her ,had forced her daughter,her husband and her children  to temporarily relocate to an undisclosed place,pending when their fears would be allayed

“I am appealing to security agencies to come to my daughter's aid by warning those who are after her  life, to please leave her daughter alone ,as she can join any Political party of her choice in the country"she added

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