Political Thugs Threatened To Kill My Son, Wipe Off His Family, Set Our House Ablaze, Aged Woman Cries Out - THE LIVING GUIDE

Political Thugs Threatened To Kill My Son, Wipe Off His Family, Set Our House Ablaze, Aged Woman Cries Out

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By Our Correspondent 

There was pandemonium in the Obada Oko, Abeokuta North Local Government area of Ogun State as political thugs set a house ablaze while shooting sporadically into the air, leaving one dead and many sustaining varying degrees of injuries.

It was gathered that the now ravaged house was owned by Hon Awotedu Olasunkanmi Olarinmade, a popular social-political activist, whose property was destroyed by the political thugs who are known members of the ruling All Progressive congress in Ogun state due to contrary political views and opinions.

An aged mother of the politician , Awotedu Iyabode Grace said these thugs came in their large numbers armed with guns and other dangerous weapons.
Speaking to Our Correspondent, Mrs Awotedu who is the mother of the Politician said suddenly the thugs were shooting sporadically and one of our neighbours was hit and died on the spot.

“When they didn’t find my Son, Awotedu Olasunkanmi Olarinmade at home, the thugs decided to set his house on fire and were chanting words like “Olasunkanmi must die”, “Olasunkanmi will know that politics is not for children”, “Anywhere we find Olasunkanmi, we’ll kill him”, “he has no place to hide” and many other threatening words.”

Reacting, the wife of the victim of the incident, Shodipo Zainab Kikelomo, who spoke to our Reporter via mobile phone from an unknown location said she was in hiding with her family, running for their lives and totally devastated by the incident.

She said her husband, who is also a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party narrated how the incident transpired and said they had lost everything and can no longer walk freely because of the death threats by these political thugs.

“These thugs first came to my husband private business premises, they threatened us that we should stop given support to the Governorship candidate of PDP in the State, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu.

They threatened to deal mercilessly with us, they were seriously infuriated and  the hoodlums left that day with the promise to deal with my husband because they know fully well that he is a member of the PDP and a social activist in area.”

She said, “I’m shaking, this is not the Nigerian democracy our heroes past envisaged, political thugs of the All Peoples Congress (APC) are after my husband and my family, they want to kill us because of my husband's views and opinion.

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