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Fellowship of christian ministers task Buhari on terrorism, bandtry, calls for peace in the land

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By Lekan Lisoye

An interdenominational Christian   group, FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN MINISTERS IN NIGERIA (FCMN), has made a passionate plea to President Mohammadu Buhari to fix the ailing economy and arrest the scourge of blood letting and terrorism bedeviling the nation.

Rising from its Annual One Day
Fasting and Praying Service at The New Apostolic Church, Ebutte -Metta, Lagos, the President, Rt. Revd. Dr. Olayemi Ogunniran emphasized that the time has come to speak out and call a Spade a Spade. 

He urged President Mohammadu Buhari to "be fair in all he does as the father of all, and leave the rest for God, as He does not fail"

Themed, Trust in God's Infinite Mercy, the Conference took place at the 8, Jones Street, Apapa road , Oyingbo, Lagos, which serces as the General Headquaters of the Organization. 

According to Prayer Committee Chairman, Baba Aladura Okanlawon. "FCMC is made up of Senior Christian Leaders across the country", he then  called on all stakeholders "to work for peace to allow growth, development and most importantly the grace of God, to reign supreme in our hearts and in the Land"

"Peace cannot and should not be taken for granted. It is a ‘precious value’ that requires cultivation and tending in every generation.”

“Our citizenry have made it clear long since that the hard-won peace is their abiding wish. We need a renewal of political will so that new ways can be found to reconcile and unite individuals and communities.”

While speaking to newsmen, the Secretary General, Rev J. Oluwasanmi, in the company of all EXCO members including, Pastor J.A. Esan, Prayer Cimmittee Secretary; Bishop Sanyaolu; among other, pontified "as citizens, and especially as Christians who hear of the Word of God addressed to us from the Holy Scriptures, we are called to listen to one another, and especially to victims of conflict in such a way that we achieve mutual understanding and esteem, and even to seeing in an enemy the face of a brother or sister". 

The Christian Ministers also urged the government of President Buhari to note that "peace cannot and should not be taken for granted. It is a precious value that requires cultivation and tending in every generation.  This fact requires inculcation in the hearts and minds of our youth, lest some be misled by misguided glorification of violence as a political option. 

Our society as a whole can still benefit from taking to heart the statement that the opposite of peace, war, is “fuelled by a perversion of relationships, by hegemonic ambitions, by abuses of power, by fear of others and by seeing diversity as an obstacle”

The Conference equally submitted that even though (personal) interests and agendas are always at play, and often conflicting in human affairs, there is an urgent need to put personal or sectional gains, for the sake of national interest since peace emerges from the depths of the human heart. The peace process requires enduring.

In line with the dictates of World Peace Day, the Fellowship of Christian Ministers reflects on topical issues currently beleaguering Nigeria, especially banditry, farmer- herder conflict, nepotism and terrorism, and called for an "urgent action".

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