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Community In Distress Over Cultists' Attack

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By Our Correspondent 
Kongudu community of Abeokuta, Ogun state was yesterday thrown into confusion when suspected members of a cult group, the Ogboni confraternity, combed the area in search of a middle aged woman.

It was reliably gathered that the woman, whose name was given as Ashabi Bodunrin, had stepped on the toes of the cultists after she had reneged on a pledge she made to them late, last month.

Ashabi, 43, a trader in the famous Itoku market  was lured into the cult group by one of her friends, who promised to assist her in  reshaping her life, which she told the friend, was almost ruined by economic depression.

It was gathered that Ashabi in the company of her friend had gone to the meeting place of the group, in Odeda area of the state, where a lot of workings of the group were revealed to her, after swearing to an oath of secrecy, with the blood a life pigeon and lots of bitter Kola and palm oil, which signified that the rest of her life would be bitter, should she reveal all she heard about the group to non members. 

The embattled woman told Journalists who thronged her residence that her life was shrouded in fear and anxiety, as she could no longer move freely in her community,following series of  threats to her life and those of her children by the cult group .

"My travail began sometimes in April 2017 after I had approached my age long friend, Tomisin to help me overcome the myriad of financial challenges, which had made life miserable for me" Ashabi said with bewilderment.

The woman who broke down in tears intermittently as she spoke, explained that she decided to leave the cult group after she was asked to come for a money making  ritual, with one of her daughters.

"After I took the oath, the leader of the group told me, I would need to come for a money  making ritual that would involve the use of the blood of my daughter. I became scared as a Christian and decided to leave the Ogboni confraternity and since then, my children and I, have not known peace with the persistent threats from the cult  group as they alleged that I would  reveal their secrets outsider"the woman said with palpable worries.

Mrs Bodunrin posited that she had been moving from one place to another, with her children, for fear of further  attacks by the cult members, who she said, had visited her residence twice, with the sole aim of harming her diabolically.

"My fear became heightened again just last week when this same people accosted my mother at her abode in Lafenwa area of Abeokuta, asking her to produce me or face a consequence that all of us would face, for the rest of our life"

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