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Foursquare Schools, Abeokuta celebrate games festival in grand style

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Sporting officials yesterday displaying the trophy won by their house.

Excitement, applause and jubilations rent the air yesterday as the Foursquare Schools, Asero, Abeokuta celebrated its biennial games festival, the first of its kind in many respects, with pomps and pageantry at Ogun State leading stadium, MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta.

Though the tenth inter house sports of the school but yesterday's excitement was probably heighten by the fact that the school held this kind of celebration last in 2019, the 2021 edition of the biennial event could not hold as a result of Covid 19 pandemic and its enforced global restrictions.
Foursquare students at the stadium yesterday.

The event's colourful celebration was also accentuated by the addition of several other exciting games like chess, table tennis, football, ludo, volleyball, badminton and callisthenics which transcended the sports fiesta beyond the realm of a mere inter house sports to an imperial games festival.

But in an exclusive chat with our reporter, the exceedingly elated Chairman of the school, Rev. Olalekan Dawodu said: "they ain't seen nothing yet. We are still going to add more games like hurdles, lawn tennis and more and more till we make it a unique festival of its kind in Ogun State".

Rev. Dawodu enjoined parents of children and wards in the school to work in faith with the school authority as they have the assurance that the school will ensure that its students excel in locomotor and cognitive.
Rev. Kayode Oloruntola, Principal 

In his own response, the Principal of the school, Rev. Kayode Oloruntola noted that the school authority spared no expenses and efforts to ensure the success of today, enthusing that " and as you can see, not only the students are happy, we all are, including parents, invited guests and well wishers".

"we don't want our students to be limited to just academics", the principal noted.

Rev. Oloruntola noted that "the display of their muscles today has shown us that many of them are talented. This is what we want in our school. We don't just want to be academically sound only, we want to be physically sound too".
Parents keenly watching the sporting events.

In an interview, the Headmistress of the primary school of Foursquare Schools, Mrs. Elizabeth Fabunmi also pointed out that the sporting events which is jointly held between the primary and secondary schools will no only show parents and the general public that there is really no dichotomy in the school but it will also serve as motivation to the primary school students to work hard so as to move to the secondary school.

The 1st position in the keenly contested sporting event went to the Yellow House while the 2nd position went to the Blue House as the 3rd and 4th positions went to the Purple House and Red House respectively. 

The trophies of all the events were jointly presented to the winners by the Abeokuta District overseer, Rev Adedimeji Adegbesan and the Ita Oshin District overseer, Rev Jonathan Koleade.

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