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2023: LP warns of attempt to truncate electoral process

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By Our Correspondent

The Labour Party has alerted the Nation of the attempt by All Progressives Congress APC led government to truncate the ongoing electoral process.

The Party in a statement issued to media and signed by its National Publicity Secretary Comrade Abayomi Arabambi said the series of security challenges and the unresolved University workers strike are some of the excuses that the APC may use to extend the tenure of President Muhammad Buhari beyond May 29, 2023.

LP said in the Statement that its attention has been drawn to a self induced multiple crisis deliberately orchestrated by the Buhari led APC administration to illegally extend its stay in government through the prolonged University workers strike, economic crisis in order to cause civil unrest as an excuse to plunge the country into crisis. 

The Party said the sudden high cost of exchange rate of dollar to naira, increase in the cost of aviation fuel in order to endangered the lives of ordinary citizens, wholesome poverty with full implementation to formally institutionalise slavery in our country, the threats of President Buhari impeachment by the Senate over insecurities, kidnapping and banditry which is a recipe to plunge our country into further lawlessness, are some of the ways it identified as plots been used by the presidency to cause crisis in the country.

It has become very much necessary to warned the Nation on the unfolding game of the Buhari Government of the APC in its move to extend its tenure in office by unconstitutional and undemocratic means and ways.

It is becoming very clear that the APC Government is very much committed to a deliberate and conscious plan to run the Nation into a complicated set of sectoral ruins thus rendering the Nation bankrupt with the objective of compromising a political change through the ballots in 2023 .

The game Plan is to ensure that the Nation is recklessly driven to suddenly find herself acutely insolvent to give a room for the need to postpone the election and thus make a way for an extension for APC in Government as there can be no vacuum in the Governance of the Nation.

As at today , the gathering storm threatening the socio- economic and political well- being of the Nation are on very many fronts
A few days back ,it was announced that Nigeria is broke as the debt payment exceeded the revenue by over #300bn in just the first quarter
The US dollar now exchanges at the rate of #710 to one dollar 

The Government is yet unable to find a solution to the many crisis in the Aviation Industry in Nigeria. As at this moment, the cost of Aviation fuel has flown up to over #800 per liter from #300.While aviation fuel worldwide is said to cost about 40 per cent of an airline’s operating cost globally, the present hike has shut Nigeria’s operating cost to about 95 per cent.

"As a result, the cost of domestic flight has come up triple.By the statement credited to the Fed Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning Mrs Ahmed Zainab revealed that the Nation's debt service cost in the first Quarter of 2022 was #1.94 trillion which read #300bn higher than the actual revenue during the same period.

"This is an obvious confirmation of the failure of the ruling Government. The Government is not uninformed enough to realize that the implementation of the existing needed reforms was in some Government closet gathering dust .

"The Government aggravated the issue of foreign exchange by all kinds of restrictions that limited sources of earning foreign exchange . Many Airlines on the domestic routes have stopped operating while cancellation and disruptions are the order in the domestic flights operations.

The foregoing are besides the various industrial disputes across the Nation. It is a great shame that the tertiary Institutions have been under lock and keys as the strike by University Teachers which did attract a public demonstration by the NLC in Abuja has rendered the students marooned at home without any direction in the past many months.

 Yet in the equation is the deliberately tolerated Boko Haram Insurgency , kidnapping, mass murders, ritual killings among very many other security challenges all across the Nation.

The issues around the fuel politics in the Country appear to have become a kind of the more you look the less you see , the Fed Government from all indications is either deliberately or unintentionally creating problems with a view to keep the problem alive.

All of these issues enumerated above can only be read and understood as consequences of recurring monopoly of incompetent and compromised Governance. It is becoming clearer that the Nation may be heading towards a failed classification as a Country.

 Of course, it is also understood that all who are benefitting or stand to benefit especially the elites from the imminent resultant economic disaster that is now threatening the Country would find it very difficult and inconvenient to talk out openly.

All reasonable and patriotic Nigerians should be seriously concerned by the news report on the attacks on the Security Guards of President. How can a Government be so inefficient and insufficient enough to tolerate this level of criminalities and yet keep telling the Citizens that they are safe when the symbol of the Nation himself is completely unsafe and under threats of attack ?.

 Nigeria is not and should not be allowed to be ruled cluelessly into a Banana Republic. A Government that comes up short on every scale and measure in providing security for the Citizens has no business in Government.

It is quite highly unfortunate and unforgivable that some Nigerians who are constantly oppressed , going to bed hungry and waking up hungry to still be part of the cheering crowd of docile , gullible and naive shouting imbecilic support for those who have insensitively mortgaged their future through treasury robbing in Government.

All who for any reason support the current dishonest, unfeeling and very incompetent and compromised sitting Government of APC and its twin bed fellow PDP are enemies of the Country.

 Posterity will not fail to record the Minister of Finance in all of her roles in the embarrassing mismanagement of the finances of the Nation. Sometimes back Mrs Ahmed Zainab insulted the Governor of Edo State Obaseki when the latter raised alarm on the reckless financial policies of the PMB Government.

Labour Party now seizes this window of opportunity to seek total support for its Candidates in the 2023 election including the face of hope, Peter Obi , the Presidential Candidate of LP.

This is to change the current poor state of the Nation. Electricity supply for example in the Country remains a matter of very deep concern. That our Nation , the Giant of Africa with a population of over 200 million under the leadership of the rats and mice looting the National Treasury steadily and unendingly , generates less than 4000 megawatts, a terribly shameful 10% of what South Africa with about 60 million people generates and over which the Country's declared state of emergency.

 This current APC Government is a great mistake and Nigerians should be deliberately ready and prepared to send the Party out of Government.

The alternative is the face of hope, Peter Obi/DATTI presidential mandate in LP.
 Nigerians should choose a people - oriented leadership and support the face of hope Peter Obi in Labour Party.

 Of course if it is not acceptable to allow APC in Government, then the PDP is equally unacceptable since both are one and the same in all and every ramifications.

 Further more , LP here at puts it on public notice that the APC Government and its fellow conspirators will be fully, firmly and strongly resisted by all lawful means if the Government tries to play any game at attempting to stay in office beyond May 2023 .
 Attempts at trying to compromise the scheduled process of the election is just not an option.

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