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Property Destroyed, Many Injured As Land Grabbers Sack Ogun Community

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By Lekan Lisoye 

The enormity of fightings over land is now close to what could be termed 'Pandemic'. This has been an unabated battles over the times even with the stern efforts from the authorities; the menace, still does not shown any signs of slowing down.

Apete community, a relatively large expansion area to Obantoko westside, on the 23, June, 2022, witnessed a wanton destruction of properties worth millions in the hand of land grabbers and thugs who stormed the residence of one Mr Oluwatosin Dipeolu Samson in the community. 

Their reason according to Investigation was to forcefully obtain a certain document of a parcel of land, or eliminate Oluwatosin Dipeolu if possible; which they claimed belongs to the family of Sanusi. 

Findings showed that Sanusi is the family name of Oluwatosin's mother who was originally of a Muslim faith before getting married to Chief Oluwasegun Dipeolu, a Christian who is a father to Oluwatosin.

Our correspondent gathered through eye witnesses that things were destroyed including shattering windows setting part of his building used as stores on fire. 

Walls were also graffitied with threatening messages and precious family heirlooms were destroyed, electric generator and Oluwatosin's bike were burnt.

The erstwhile serene atmosphere of the house turned into a scene from horror movie with 'Tosin's family running helter-skelter before they were whiskered away from the onslaught.

'Tosin was their target as he must be eliminated but not after they must have extract informations and all documents gotten from him. 

It was also gathered that, Oluwatosin is hotly wanted!

Till this time of writing this report, no one could possibly guess where his family is since that escape from the scene.

The aftermath was devastating whilst no life was lost, but it almost reach that stage if not for people who came to the rescue.

The emotional and physical scars left a lasting mark on the memories of the people and will rankles perpetually.

Mrs Sadia Animot Dipeolu nee Sanusi bequeathed the land - a five hectares - situated some kilometres from 'Tosin's residence stands a only inheritance Mrs Sadia Animot Dipeolu was given to her by her father before his demise as a result, the woman guarded this inheritance with judiciously.

However, as it's a practice in some families in Nigeria, a female child does not have any rights to inherit some things like lands, houses for they believe they don't have capacity to handle such or for some crass reasons possibly known to them in the family. So this is not in any way different. 

According to our source,they believe a female child ceases to bear the name of the family immediately after she get married, so a male child is more fitting to have possession of family inheritance as he bears the family name continually. So this means that such big land should not be owned by a common female in the family; rather, it was ratified in their family meetings that the land be used to build a mosque of which the family name would be used as it's epitaph.

Mrs Sadia Animot's bequeathed this land to her only son Oluwatosin Dipeolu, she thought it wise that the land would be well managed by him. This was discovered when enquiry was made by Animot's family (The Sanusis). They got to know that the name on the documents bearing the ownership of the land was that of her son, Oluwatosin Dipeolu.

This was not well-received by every member of Sanusi's clan. The family , devout Muslims saw the land as more than just a property. To them, it held a spiritual significance and a place that signalled their devotions to their faith by buildings mosque there. This will not only honour their faith but also serve the community. Therefore, the land must be retrieved.

Tensions escalated quickly. What began as a veiled threats metamorphosed into direct confrontations. Their intention was clear: if Oluwatosin stands stoutly on their way to get the land, they'd eliminate him. 

The family head, who is an uncle to Oluwatosin mother, Alhaji Ibrahim Sanusi, plotted to reclaim the land from the young Oluwatosin hence, the attacks on him and his family. Luckily, Mr Oluwatosin was away that time of the visitation of those intruders who wreaked havocs on his house and his properties.

Oluwatosin, upon hearing of the incident, was faced with a gripping troubles and he looked lost as he cannot go back home for the fear of been killed and more so, he does not even know the whereabouts of his wife and the children.

Ogun state police spokesperson,Abimbola Oyeyemi said the menace of the land grabbers and speculators have been giving police sleepness nights and he promised that police will not relent on its oars in dealing with the situation decisively.

The saga of Sadia Animot's family serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most profound conflicts arises from those closest to us and a resolutions require not just strength, but also wisdom  by going into hidings since it is now dawn on him that his life is in danger and will even affect his wife and children.

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