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Boundary dispute: NASS should initiate bill for the demarcation of boundaries

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By Lekan Lisoye

The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) has called on the National Assembly to initiate a bill for the demarcation of states and local government boundaries in the country.

The Registrar, Surveyor Council of Nigeria, Surveyor M. M. Kabir, who made the call at the orientation for new entrant surveyors (2018-2020), in Ogun State, noted that the demarcation of the states and local government areas would put a stop to the incessant boundary disputes being experienced in the country.

Kabir noted that there is no state in the country except Abuja; the Federal Capital Territory, that has clear boundary demarcation, stressing that this has contributed to boundary disputes in the country.

He said, "the 1999 Nigeria Constitution (as amended) is not complete. It is we the surveyors had refused to complete it. Schedule 2 of the 1999 Constitution said, each state of the federation should have demarcation, to know its exact boundaries. Same goes to all the local government areas and every units in the country".

"If this could be done, there would be nothing like boundary disputes anywhere in the country, because every state, local government and unit would have known where its boundary starts and where it ends".

Kabir said, we can go to the National Assembly to sponsor a bill for the geographical schedule of the country and as well mandate the federal government to vote certain amount of money for the project.

While admonishing the new entrant surveyors to cut their nitche in the profession, the SURCON Registrar said, they can embark on a project in knowing the numbers of masts in each state of the federation and their locations.

He said, " do you think that government knows all the masts in the country and their locations. This is very important. Government doesn't know the number of all the masts in each states and their locations. We can do this for them.

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