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Experts describe land acquisition as major tool for development

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By Lekan Lisoye

Surv. Kola Omobo  former Chief Executive Officer Ogun State Properties  and Investment Corporation and  Surveyor Sanjo Oyebade former Deputy Surveyor General, Bureau of Lands and Survey Ogun State have described land acquisition as a major tools for developing the society.

The duo said without land there can't be any development, as  government can't build hospitals, schools, roads and many other things without land.

"And if government both at the federal and state level does not acquire it no family can willingly release their land and if government should buy it from a family in another 10,20,or 30 years time, somebody can drag the government to court and claim that the family that sold the land  are not the original owner of the land.

The duo made the submission on an enlightenment programme 'The Surveyors And You', a radio program monitored in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Surv Oyebade said government knew that about 90%families are troublesome and will hinder physical development and jeopardize the intention of the government to provide social amenities which requires land. 

He added that there are two types of acquisition, committed and non committed, "a committed acquisition is for a specific projects such as schools, hospitals and amenities while the non committed acquisition can be ratify if the innocent members of the public fall a victim of buying land in government acquisition but if on committed acquisition it is a waste of money because government can not re -alocate the land for another purpose.

He therefore suggested that the institution  should not be discouraged but to continue to agitate for the office of Surveyor General so that the office can have a direct access to the governor as somebody with information on Mapping, Boundary Definition, Boundary between Ogun State and neighboring States, Boundary Adjustment, Land Definition and other related issues to avoid communal clashes on several occasions.

On his own, Surv Omobo agreed that government acquired lands and pay off the family that owns the land despite this payment some disgruntled members of the family will still fight and government can not allow anybody to hinder the  progress.
The two Surveyors wondered why the state government is yet to create Surveyor General office extra ministerial department because Surveyor are the pillars of all the physical development in the state, they handles major tools that requires development projects. 

Surv Omobo said there is an enactment in 2004  when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was the president by the National Assembly that  there should be office of Surveyor General at the federal level and all the 36 States of the federation.

'But it is sad to see that Ogun State is yet to comply with the enactment when all the South Western had office of the Surveyor General.

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