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Ogun NIS begins process of transformation from manual to digital survey operation

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By Seun Adeniken

The Nigeria Institution of Surveyors (NIS) Ogun State branch has begun the transformation from manual survey to digital survey operations in order to reduce human error occasioned by the later methods.

The main Surveyors body who on March 31st, 2021 converged at its main Secretariat in Magbon, Abeokuta held an exhibition to acquaint its members and the general public with the digital transformation.

Speaking to Journalists at the sideline of the exhibition, Surveyor Ademola Adebowale announced the institution's plan to transform from manual survey operation to full digital, developed based on a system known as CORS (continuous observation reference system). 

He revealed that it is a station that will be taking observation 24/7 anywhere in Ogun state and anybody in Ogun state can access it.

He said the exhibition event  was held for the surveyors to see the different types of DGPS (Dual positioning reference system) or GNSS Equipments which is relevant to work with the course station, and to aid this process, seven vendors had been invited to showcase their Equipments.

Surveyor Adebowale, who is the State Chairman, Nigeria Institution of Surveyors stressed the need for the transformation to take place as it is relevant and will aid the development of the state. 

According to him "It is a system that is already working in many other developed countries like Uganda, South Africa etc. It is a global practice and Ogun state is taking the lead in our country.

"It was created to make surveying accurate, to correct a lot of problems in the court and to attract jobs from World Banks because the World Bank knows that this is a standard for surveying practice in many countries".

He disclosed that the NIS, Ogun state branch is planning to establish about eight stations which will cover the whole of the state and other neighbouring states. 

He further revealed that it is part of the actualization of their campaign promises.

Also speaking, Surveyor Taiwo Gbadebo said "As the popular saying goes that 'Survey is the bedrock of any physical development', we are here to give nothing less than the best to our people of Ogun state. 

It won't lead to a development that will demolish or wastage of money. And apart from the fact that we are leading the pace, we want the state government to know that we are to drive them and they are to drive us. We are fully ready to partner with the state government and we are looking forward to it".

Surveyor Debo Adeoye, syecretary of Nigeria Institution of Surveyors, Ogun state, said the surveyors had inspected and chose the equipments that will best suit for the movement from the Analog to Digital platform. 

He explained that the Surveyors had to move in groups to comply with the Covid-19 protocols.

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