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My daughter is not a bisexual, says 70 year- old man

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A septuagenarian retired civil servant, Mr Benedict Adeyemi has hinted
of a grand ploy by security operatives to arrest his daughter over
false allegation of same sex act against her.

Mr Adeyemi raised the alarm in Ile-Ife Osun State while chatting with
newsmen, explaining that the life of his daughter, Titilayo Ajilore,
nee Adeyemi and those of her children have been under constant threat,
following a wrong report made to the police by her brother in-law,
Olalekan Ajilore.

The retired civil servant who spoke with palpable worries said that
the travail of his daughter began years, into her marriage, when her
brother in-law, asked her out, a request, which he said, his daughter
turned down.

“Before Titilayo’s ordeal on this framed up allegation, she had
earlier, years back faced some teething problems, when members of her
husband’s family, during her first pregnancy, insisted that her first
child, be incised on the head and chest, as was their custom, a
position which was strange to her husband because the man left home at
 age, 15 to cater for himself after the demise of his father, in 1983”
Adeyemi added.

He explained  that his daughter’s mother in-law had advised his
daughter to run away with, her pregnancy to guide against the carrying
 out of any ritual on her baby, after birth, stressing “her husband’s
mother gave the advice  because she  lost her own first child,
Jonathan Ajilore, after some rituals were carried out on the innocent
baby and thus my daughter thought of how  to protect her child from
the said incision/rite by running out of the country with the pregnancy.

As if adding salt to injury, her brother in-law, also began his own”
ignorance and stupidity, insisting  on going out with my daughter
against her wish”, the septuagenarian noted.He explained that up till
now, security operatives continued to pay nocturnal visits to her
residence in an attempt to charge her for same sex act, an offence which
the Nigerian government, frowns at.

The retired civil servant said that his daughter’s brother in-law
accused Titilayo, his daughter of playing love with her childhood
friend, one Linda Okafor who stayed briefly with her  in Lagos, to solve
some problems facing her.

The old man added that his daughter’s brother in-law, once pounced  on
his daughter, asking some thugs to beat her up even with pregnancy she
carried then that landed her in the hospital.
“On my daughter's invitation by the police last year on hospital bed, she was asked to
produce her friend Linda to give account of what
really transpired  between  her and Linda and why her brother in-law
had been after her” he noted.

He explained that towards the end of 2018,security operatives visited his place in Ile-Ife, Osun State when they heard that she fled into hiding
with her children from her abode  in Lagos State, I keep receiving threatening phone calls from Mr. Olalekan Ajilore to produce my daughter or else, a statement that is too weighty to ignore.

“I even learnt that about two weeks ago, people suspected to be
security operatives were at their former residence in Lagos, still
asking for how to get her, from neighbours. Those at the top echelon
of our security outfits in Nigeria should come to my daughter’s aid,
before she is  prosecuted and jailed for an offence she did not
commit” Mr Benedict,  added noting “ because justice delayed is
justice denied”.

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