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League of Former Local Government Appointees Commend Dapo Abiodun On The Regeneration Of Ogun Residential Areas

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By Our Correspondent 

The League of  Former Local Government Appointees in the Twenty Local Government Councils of Ogun State  have commended the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, for his efforts to transform and regenerate the various Government Residential Areas across the State 

The group which comprises of past Supervisory Councillors and Special Advisers appointed from the Twenty Local government areas of the State in a release signed by Comrade Abayomi Arabambi said the move will again return activities to the already abandoned and desolate GRAs that spread across the State.

The group however warns those who have divergent opinion or reservation to the policy to avoid politicising the good  intention of Prince Dapo Abiodun in putting life back to the already abandoned GRAs, in Ogun State, adding that “what matters most now is for all of us to join hands with the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun to ensure that the project comes into reality.

Dr Abayomi Arabambi who once served as Supervisory Councillor for Education in Abeokuta North Local Government, and Special Adviser on Employment Generation, said from the government explanations, the main objective of the regeneration plan is to restructure the affected areas to make them environmentally friendly through public Private partnerships (PPP).

This will include replacing obsolete and dilapidated buildings that share the characteristics of slum areas with the general framework of an overall plan for modern city development.

We were made to understand that the Ibara scheme is to be redeveloped into 500 housing units, while Idi-Aba is to have 100 units.

We were also made to understand, and we know that the rejuvenation exercise will affect all GRAs that are underutilized across the State, hence the need to support the government in the task ahead 

We must applaud our royal fathers and other eminent Egba sons and daughters that have risen to the support of the project, but we must also condemned those who refer to the project as a way to 'snatch' their lands from them as a myopic opinion and advised them to see the economic and environment advantages of the project.

Less we forget, the same set of people who rose against the move by government to privatize the Gateway Hotels then are now regretting the dilapidated and worrisome situations of the State of situations of the once booming gateway hotels in Ota, Ijebu-Ode and others 

If not for the concerted and dedication efforts of government, few of those hotels that are active now would have been forgotten.

We also want to appreciate Prince Dapo Abiodun for the transformation that is going on in the State.

We knew the conditions he met some of the roads and other infrastructures in the State. The Road from NNPC Junction to the GTB area in Oke Ilewo has turned to death traps before the present administration stepped in. Also  many of the roads in the State capitals were fixed by the Prince Dapo Abiodun administration.

We can then say that Ogun State is one of the luckiest State in the Federation that have been having dedicated and focused leaders. Various Governors that had governed the State have contributed one way or the other to move the State from civil service state to an industrial hub.

In particular, one must appreciate the doggedness and  focused leadership styles of Prince Dapo Abiodun. Ogun State is on hyper road to industrial hub with various policies put on ground by this administration. This is evident from the various mass exodus of investors to the State. Hardly will you see any plot of land that development is not ongoing from interchange to Kobape on  Muhammad Buhari Expressway. Both sides are witnessing one activity or the other.

Apart from Government intervention in education, health, agriculture and implementation of the ISEYA mantra, the Omoluwabi ethos of the Governor must be applauded. 

So forgetting politics,  if one must criticize, let it be done with good sense. Our royal father's have given their blessings to the move to regenerate the residential areas, and if we have contrary opinion, the royal fathers must be carried along.

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