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Female Circumcision: My Daughter's Life Is In Danger --Man Expresses Worries

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By Lekan Lisoye

An automobile engineer has lamented the persistent threat to his daughter's life, calling for quick intervention by security operatives.

The engineer, Daramola Samuel, a resident of Ikere Ekiti, hinted that hired assasins were after his daughter, Olayinka who he said refused to get her third daughter circumcised, despite the pressure mounted on  her by her husband's family. 

Engineer Daramola spoke with members of his community who thronged his Oke Osun residence in Ikere Ekiti  on a  sympathy visit, when the news  of the attack on his daughter's apartment by suspected hoodlums reached them. 

"Honestly, the babari attack on my daughter's house in Alagbaka, has continued to give me l worries, to the extent that my health has been affected, as I intermittently feel severe headache, which my doctor told me was a sign of high blood pressure" he said. 

He wondered why his in-laws could be so desperate about circumcision, which he said has to do with Gender  violation, noting "they should stop harassing my daughter about in her community" 

Engineer Daramola further explained that when the miscreants went to his daughter's house, they destroyed some valuables, there and even told neighbours that,they too would  be given bitter pills to swallow,if they did not see Olayinka and her daughter, when next they come.

"I had wanted to report to the higher authorities, but I was prevailed upon by friends who told me, the whole development could degenerate into a frightening dimension which could further cause tension in the area"

Looking perturbed by the development, he added "For now, I do not know the whereabouts of Olayinka and her three daughters, because she has been moving from one destination to another, as the miscreants continue their search for her"

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