Local Vigilante Rescues Man From Kidnappers Den, Suspect Dies. - THE LIVING GUIDE

Local Vigilante Rescues Man From Kidnappers Den, Suspect Dies.

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By Our Correspondent 

A middle aged man was yesterday rescued from his abductors by a team of local vigilante group.

It was gathered that some gunmen few days ago abducted one Niyi Kujore, a close ally of a foremost politician from Ogun State, Hon. Sheu Adedolapo Somoye while on a business trip to Kano.

Niyi Kujore, a close supporter and friend of Somoye was said to have hosted him when Somoye was in Lagos in year 2022, while evading the political group and authorities that were seeking to eliminate him.

Information revealed that Niyi Kujore was abducted in his hotel room at Wada Guest House, Kwalli, Kano State by five heavily armed men and whisked away to an unknown destination.

Luck however ran against the kidnappers as the manager of the guest house alerted the local vigilante group that immediately swung into action and rescued Niyi Kujore the third day.

 In the account of events given by the local vigilante, one of the kidnappers was shot and apprehended during crossfire between the vigilante group and the kidnappers.

The vigilante said they were able to track the Kidnappers to their den based on intelligence report, Niyi Kujore's legs and hands was met tied in a helpless condition.

The captured kidnapper was identified as Raphael Adeoti, Male, Age- 38 Years, an indigene of Ogun state. 

Items found with him includes a pistol gun, bullets, mask, charms, cell phones, a picture of Hon. Somoye and an identity card of the suspected kidnapper which indicates that he's a member of one group called Dapo Abiodun Youth Vanguard, a political group known to be controlled by the Ogun State governor, Governor Dapo Abiodun.

The kidnapper however died on the way to the police station. The body of the kidnapper and Niyi Kujore have been handed to the police.  

Niyi Kujore in his statement, narrated that he was kidnapped in Wada Guest House, 37, Kwalli Road, Kwalli, Kano State, Nigeria, on the 8th, October, 2023, around 9pm when the abductors stormed his room, asking for Sheu Adedolapo Somoye and his whereabouts. 

Niyi said he was blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination. He said he was tortured and threatened to be killed if he refuse to say the whereabouts of Somoye Sheu Adedolapo, Niyi said he was shown the picture of Somoye Sheu Adedolapo. 

Furthermore, Niyi Kujore said that the kidnappers made it known to him that they are aware that he is Somoye's friend and staunch supporter. Niyi added that at that point, the armed kidnappers intensified torturing him and insisted that he must succumb and tell them Somoye's abode. 

 Niyi also mentioned that the leader of the kidnappers put a gun on his head and told him that they have been closely monitoring him from Lagos and that they are bent on finishing Somoye.

Niyi Kujore was later taken to the hospital for treatment by the police.

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