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Mother Remains Unsettled As Gunmen Threaten Son

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By Our Correspondent

Wife of a Clergy in Ondo State, Mrs Odunwo Roseline has called for a full blown investigation into the circumstances leading to the persistent hunt for her son by suspected kidnappers. 

The woman made call while playing host to female members of her church, who were on sympathy visit, to her Alagbaka, Ondo state residence for the harrowing experience she went through when the suspected kidnappers were looking for her son. 

It would be recalled that Alagbaka community was,about a week ago, under the siege of suspected kidnappers who were in the community,to search for Mrs Odunwo's son Segun who they accused of being the brain hehind the  arrest of one of them during their operation in the area, late last year. 

"These people have not relented in their man hunt for my son, Segun, a shoe maker,after accusing him of mobizing community youths against them last year. 

Mrs Odunwo, a famous pigry farmer explained that the gun men would have killlled her son, if they had met him at home when they came. 

"They shot sporadically into the air, scaring residents who were on their normal daily routines .They were shouting," where is that boy. We are here on a mission to kill" the woman added as she relayed her experience to her visiting guests.

She explained further that her son had vowed not to return to Ondo state because of the experience he went through when the suspected kidnappers, held sway in the community for just an hour when their operations, lasted. 

Mrs Odunwo called for the reinforcement of security operatives in the community, stressing,"we are no longer safe in  our community following the notoriety of these gun men" 

She recalled how her son was threatened  with series of telephone calls by the suspected kidnappers whose      activities have been of major concern to the entire community.

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