Imeko/Afon residents Condemns Ogun Assembly Member Akingbade over comments, vows to work against his ambition - THE LIVING GUIDE

Imeko/Afon residents Condemns Ogun Assembly Member Akingbade over comments, vows to work against his ambition

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By Our Correspondent 

The people of Imeko/Afon local government has continued to condemn the recent affront of the lawmaker representing  the state constituency in the Ogun State House of Assembly who lately lambast the constituents, telling them he does not need their votes to win his third-term election before he is being returned back to the State Assembly. 

The incident which was earlier reported in sections of the media had it that the Assemblyman blast his constituents for asking him of his scorecard of the 7 years spent so far at the state assembly and his effort at bringing to the attention of the state governor, the clamor of the people of the local government to have a representative in the StateExecutive Council.

According to the reports , Akingbade who was engaged on a Whatsapp Platform tagged “THE PATRIOTS – IMEKO-AFON LG responded with this comment; “ My brother dis issue is beyond mounting pressure on any GOV, I was in D government of ogd and I knw what I did in terms of employment across the ten wards, even wen I was caretaker chairman for eight months, my project is across the All wards dat nobody can beat my records, I did’t mount any pressure on ogd, D eight years of GOV amosu DEY didn’t do anything for us believing dat Imeko Afon are opposition, always with GNI, I didn’t regret it becos dat is instruction of
the HOLY QURAN, We must love our town, we suffer for eight years, I join the APC 19 MONTHS AGO, MR GOV already finish his appointment before I join them”

“ I have challenge D gov time without number at parliamentary carcus meeting of only legislator nd mr GOV, on Imeko Afon Local Government conditions, if you know me well u will blvd dat I didn’t Afraid to tell Mr gov what is not ready to hear dat is why he said openly I always against him ND he did not support my aspirations I stand to be quoted, WE joined d APC so dat DEY wl stop referring to our LG as opposition not bcs of pockets, we need our local government to be developed, REMAIN BLSD”

Some of his constituents faulted his response vis-à-vis the grammatical blunder and feared how they ended up having a representative like Akingbade as their state assemblyman despite the abundance of intelligent and more sophisticated individuals in the local government. 

A constituent and member of The Patriots-Imeko-Afon LG, Lateef Ramoni replied “it is pathetic having a personality like this to represent our dear local government despite the abundance of competent, capable and worthy sons and
daughters of the local government especially among the youths. Very crude and incompetent. 

A two-term lawmaker without a single bill and nothing to show. How I wish our people will put the likes of this politician where they are supposed to be in the next election”

Another comment goes thus; " Hon, Sir, in the coming days. You should be ready to answer more questions concerning your last post. How come you are just opening up at this good time on the
platform? We need to know every possible strategy you employ to move this LG forward. 

We are yet to see the impact. Please, sir, enlighten us more on your various dialogue with the executive arm of the
government as per Imeko-Afon LG. My name is Femi Shafa; I am live and work in Imeko for the past 4-5 years and I am yet to see your impact on the LG. 

I have never seen any of your posts since I joined this
platform. Thanks"

Reacting to this and comments of other constituents on the social media handle, the two-term legislator who holds third term ticket responded thus “Youth are free to vote for the candidate of dia choice, I didn’t expect ur votes, nd note it very well u Can’t stop me from winning D election, walahi AL QURAN LI AZEEM” The lawmaker exited the Whatsapp group immediately after dropping his comment. 

The action which was condemned as an insult and amount to walking out on them.

A response goes thus; “ It is a pity that Hon. Jemili left after dropping this message. While we cannot hold him back in exercising his exit right from the group, it is extremely important for us to state
categorically that his outbursts is very crude, and not statesman like.”

“We implore all youths and well meaning Patriots who may wish to aspire for leadership positions whether now or in the future not to follow such example. Such attitude does not have a place in a
modern society or even in a democracy.

A representative of the people must be ready to respond to meaningful queries from the people he is supposed to be representing. 

What Mr. Femi Shafa asked tonight is still within his democratic right as a citizen and has not in anyway disrespected Hon. Jemili.
I do hope people holding public positions will be more tolerant.
Thank you all. Abel Babatunde
For the Admins.”

Another participant with the username “God is my refuge” expressed thus; “It is appaling that a character like this who shocked the people when he came to Imeko with a dane gun and shot at Chief Lisa Adejobi in public glare in an attempt to kill that baba because of political disagreement, instead of cooling himself in jail by now as the law stipulates, has since been occupying one political position or the other even with such level of intolerance and incompetence. No wonder Imeko-Afon is still like this”

“No wonder we are being treated like this in Imeko-Afon. Can u imagine?The so-called honourable saying that even the governor does not support his aspirations and he stand to be quoted. 

The governor definitely must have known his stuff and want better representation for the people. But I am worried how he could get the ticket in that same party despite the governor’s displeasure of his aspiration. 

Well, what else should we expect from a “respresentative” of the people who would say he does not need the votes of the people he represents to win an election” One of the admin of the Whatsapp group with the
username “Da Brain” stated.

Hon. Jemili Akingbade who in Imeko/Afon local government is adjudged to be the greatest beneficiary of the political exploit of Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka popularly called GNI as it is largely believed that any
political party GNI belongs is where the legislator will always pitch his tent at every election circle. 

He won his first term election as state legislator in 2015 in People’s Democratic Party PDP when GNI was the governorship candidate. 

He later cross-carpeted with him to ADC and got re-elected for second term. Again, he moved to APC few months after GNI joined the party. 

While he holds the third term
ticket for the same position in APC, GNI is now the candidate for House of Representative in the same party.

Whereas, he fell out with Prince Isiaka shortly after winning the second term election. The acrimony degerated to several confrontations and lingers for about 3 years till last month when on the 19th of August, a reconciliatory meeting was held between the two politicians. 

The meeting was said to be at
the instance of Hon.Akingbade.

Meanwhile , the recent escapade of the legislator on The Patriot-Imeko/Afon whatsapp handle has
continued to attract condemnation from the constituents especially the youths, many who has vowed to expressed their displeasure with the honourable with their votes.

However, in his reaction to this, Akingbade has resulted to further castigate of the people.

In a press statement personally signed by him and reported by some online news, the people were labeled with unprintable names.

Can Hon.Jemili Akingbade win the election without the votes of the people as he claimed?

 What will happen if the people keep through their pledge to massively vote against him in the coming election? Only time will tell.

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