Driver, his truck detained by Military personnel over alleged misinformation, as family pleads for his release - THE LIVING GUIDE

Driver, his truck detained by Military personnel over alleged misinformation, as family pleads for his release

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By Adeolu Kehinde

The family of a truck driver Mr Ademoyegun Johnson Jimoh has cried out over his continuous detention deteriorating health condition in the custody of the Nigerian Army.

It was gathered that Ademoyegun was allegedly detained by the men of 4th Battalion, Nigerian Army, Benin City, Edo State, on 16th of July 2022 at about 0700hrs, following what the soldiers at a military checkpoint at  Okada area of Edo State termed as 'wrongful information'.

Narrating the incident, a family source said  on 16th of July 2022 at about 0700hrs, Mr Ademoyegun Johnson Jimoh  who was a driver of a Mack Truck with registration No KJA 183 XQ was driving along Sagamu / Benin Expressway . 

"On getting to a location around Okada in Edo State, he parked his truck to urinate at a nearby bush, in an attempt to enter his truck after the exercise, he was accosted by four men, One was carrying a riffle, while the other three were wielding big sticks and they attempted to kidnap.

"He managed to escape leaving his truck behind and ran to the  military Checkpoint which was about three poles away and complained to the soldiers on duty . 

The Soldiers followed him to the area of the incident.

On arrival at the scene, the Soldiers shouted that who ever was hiding in the bush should come out for identification and nobody came out, rather a gun shot was fired towards the direction of the Soldiers which made them responded by firing into the bush thereby hitting a man in the bush who was thereafter  identified as a member of a 'Vigilante' team . 

It was gathered that the Victim was rushed to the Hospital where he later died. 

The truck driver Mr Ademoyegun James Jimoh, who was preparing for his daughters wedding scheduled for 30th July, and his truck  were taken to 4th Brigade Military Barracks and has since been detained there since 16th July in the guard room on the allegation that he gave false information to the Soldiers.

Our Correspondent gathered that during the whole episode, there was no sign or evidence in the dressing of the guy that was killed to show that he was a Vigilante member when he tried to 'kidnap' the truck driver.

"In what way and manner did they accosted the truck  driver that made him seek for help especially in view of the frequent cases of kidnapping in the area.

"The soldiers also acted professionally in  the performance of their duty by commanding them to come out from their hiding, but rather fire shots towards the direction of the Soldiers.

"What way and manner does the complaint made by the Truck Driver to the Soldiers at the Military checkpoint amounting to giving false information.

What offence has the Truck Driver committed that warrants and justifies his detention alongside with  his Truck since 16th July .

Our Correspondent gathered that the family of the truck driver had been denied access to their patriarch since the incident happens few weeks ago.

 They are appealing to Nigerians to assist and called for the unconditional release of the truck driver and his truck.

All efforts by Our Correspondent to get the reactions of the spokesperson of the Military battalion proved abortive, but a Senior military personnel attached to the battalion who spoke under the condition of anonymity said the family can save the situation if they are ready to compensate the family of the dead victim.

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