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HRM Oba Olusegun Abajo clocks 20 years on the throne

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.....Insists Monarchy  remains Core Institution Oba Abajo celebrates 20th anniversary in grand styles 

By Olawale Adekoya

Over two decades ago, His Royal Majesty, Kabiyesi Olusegun Mukaila Abajo ascended the thrones of his anscenstors, when he was crowned The Olowu Iji of Odolowu Ijebu.

Royal Coronation Ceremony in is an important event globally, as the monarchy remains a core institution. This is especially true in the Odolowu-Ijebu Kingdom, where the institution of the monarchy holds all the hearts and souls of the people together. 

Twenty years down the line, all the indicators and yardsticks clearly reveal that the Odolowu-Ijebu people made a great choice in Oba Abajo. 

Born on January 15, 1943, in the historic Odolowu Ijebu town, Oba Olusegun Abajo hails from two of the royal (ruling) houses in Odolowu; paternally from the Olubanjo and maternally from the Adelaru ruling house.

A large-hearted, handsome, towering, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and fair-minded leader, Oba Olusegun Abajo deployed his business acumen, contacts and tenacity to influence the establishment of over twenty Chinese companies in Odolowu community alone, along with other indegenous businesses. 

The novel industrialization drive, coupled with innovation, creativity and strategic plans had converted the hitherto largely agrarian Odolowu- Ijebu community to a buzzling emerging business hub in the south west geo-political zone, which accommodates foreign  companies owned by the Chinese, Indians and other foreign investors.

Today, the industrious, hardworking people of Odolowu-Ijebu, have a commercial spine as a result of the Value Chain and the Domino Effect of the Kabiyesi Abajo Industrialization Drive.

Indeed, the drastic reduction in unemployment, illiteracy, and crime rate within the community, are indicators of better things to come, particularly with the support of the Oba In Council, Chiefs and the entire community.

The Odolowu Ijebu people salute an icon, who typifies and embodies charisma, love and prosperity, in all its ramifications. The great Owu people commend a highly respected Owu son, who  has exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership at every step of fruitful two decades 

God has been so merciful on Kabiyesi Abajo. His ancestors have been so kind to a distinguished Traditional Ruler, who has come to iconize excellence as a culture. 

As the King celebrates his 20th coronation anniversary on May 28, 2022, the Olori, Princes and Princesses, Chiefs,  and the great Odolowu Ijebu people, express heartfelt wishes to all, as the community records another monumental milestone.

According to Kabiyesi, "although they do not have formal political powers in many cases they continue to command respect from their people and have considerable influence within their domain and the people.

"In many communities today, Royal fathers play useful roles in brokering between the people and the state, enhancing national identify resolving minor conflicts.

Indigenes and the general public have spoken glowingly about the twenty year reign of the Olowu Iji, with the consensus that he would still do more.

Olawale Adekoya, a Sports/Public Affairs Analyst, wrote from Lagos.

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