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Nigeria @61: Abiodun charges youth to provide new pathway for greater Nigeria

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By Lekan Lisoye

Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun has challenged Nigerian youths to channel their bustling energies and resourcefulness to provide a new pathway for a greater Nigeria.

The governor, who stated this in his address at the 61st independence celebration activities  held at the main bowl of the Gateway International Stadium, Abeokuta, declared that the onus of moving the country to greater heights rest on the shoulder of the youth.

Abiodun noted that age of the youth is an advantage to the country’s national development, urging them to emulate the positive deployment of youthful energies by the country’s pre and post independence heroes and leaders.

“The task of a new Nigeria rests squarely on your shoulders, and I have no doubt that, working together as one people, you can and will change the narrative of our dear nation. The successive leaders have tried their best, now you have the enormous responsibility to build a new Nation that works for ever Nigerian, regardless of tribe, religion, political affiliation, and geographical location”, the governor added.

Abiodun, expressed hope in greater future for Nigeria in the youth, emphasising they are the “successor generation”.

“I see hope in the energy and creative genius of our youth who as scientists, sports men and women; songsters and artists contribute to our visibility in the new world order.
My dear compatriots, your bustling energies and resourcefulness should provide for us a new pathway for a great country. Do not let anybody discourage you. Your age is an advantage to our national development.

“We have seen what positive deployment of youthful energies did in the cases of our heroes past – Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Saudana of Sokoto, Chief Anthony Enahoro were all young men when they debated, negotiated and won Nigeria her independence. Many great things have been achieved by youths in this country and I believe many and more will still be actualised.

“In many cases, while the flag of Nigeria flies high in the comity of Nations, it is through the exploits of our youths. So, you should not shy away from the fact that the future of this nation rests on your potentials and strengths. All of you have a divine responsibility to contribute to the continued development of this nation. I enjoin our adults to support them towards channeling their creative energies and resourcefulness to positive enterprises for national development”. The governor pointed out.

While congratulating the people of Ogun State, Nigerians, at home and abroad, on the celebration of our Nation’s 61st anniversary, called on Nigerians to come together, reflect and find a common ground to make progress.

“We should jointly address our challenges, including our national fault-lines, and create a favourable atmosphere and more practical approaches for our collective dreams for a greater Nigeria to materialise. That is why the choice of the theme for this year’s celebration, “Together: Come Let us Build” could not have been more apt.

“Whilst we must accept that we have challenges, we must also appreciate that the challenges will have to be addressed frontally and resolved by ourselves, Nigerians. We cannot allow our challenges to retard us. Certainly, our potentials as a country are far greater than our challenges. All that is required of us – men and women, old and young – is our collective will, tenacity, faith and hope. We need to believe in ourselves; we need to be critical when and where necessary; we need to have indomitable courage and unwavering commitment to Nigeria and all that is Nigerian; we need to stand firm for what is noble, edifying and wholesome; we need to fight those ills that have shackled us and held us back in the past; we need to establish shared values and reinforce norms, virtues and ethics that are enduring, distinguishing and elevating”, Abiodun stated.

In Ogun state, the governor assured that his administration would continue to ensure inclusiveness, fairness, justice, equity, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, values which it had committed to the in the last two years and four months.

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