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Suspected Lesbian arrested by the police

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The Ogun State Command of Nigerian Police has paraded scores of women suspected to be lesbians arrested at various guests houses in different parts of the State.

Among those arrested is one Lola Adeyinka who claimed to be a sex partner to one Uwaila Maria Itohan, an Edo State born lady.

Speaking to Newsmen, Lola Adeyinka said she had been a lesbian since her school days and she had been a female friend to Uwaila Maria Itohan who is said to be at large.

Spokesperson of Ogun Police Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi while briefing reporters in Eleweran Abeokuta said the law of the land negates the practice of same sex vowing that the Police will go in full force to deal with anybody caught in the act 

Oyeyemi, superintendent of police, said police operatives had intercepted a cross-dresser who confessed that he was a member of a lesbian club.

“The Police has always been saying unequivocally that Ogun State is no place for any sort of same-sex relationship; that marriage is valid only when it is contracted between a man and a woman.

“He further warns that explicit or implicit public show of amorous relationships between people of the same sex is prohibited in the state and that deviants would be brought to book in accordance with Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2013.”

Nigeria’s anti-same sex law, enacted in January 2014 by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, stipulates a 14-year prison term for anyone convicted of having sex with members of the same sex.

The Nigerian government put the law to the test for the first time in December 2019 when 47 men arrested by the police in a hotel in Lagos the previous year were arraigned in court, accused of publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex.

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