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Woman cries out over attempt to kill her son, others, by suspected political thugs

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"Help, suspected Political thugs are after my son, threatening to empty his entire household"

Those were the words of a woman, who said the life of her son, Kehinde Okeowo is no longer safe. 

The woman, Mrs Adewunmi Okeowo, a retired female Civil servant, raised the alarm when she spoke with newsmen in Lagos. 

"My son and his family can no longer sleep with all their eyes closed where ever they are as they are currently been  trailed by thugs  over what they  tagged "alleged uncompromising stance within   his former Political Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Investigations showed that  Kehinde Okeowo, a social critic and politician of note in Agboyi Community, Ketu Local Government Development Area of Lagos State had been slugging it out with big Wigs within the PDP,his former  Political Party. 

According  to Mrs Okeowo, Kehinde's rdeal began immediately he left his former Party,the People's Democratic Party to join the Alliance for Democracy, AD, because of the Party's policies, which he said, included alleged taking of oaths and corruption.

“The travails of my son began fully in 2014 when he finally defected from his former Political Party, PDP to the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in his area. His new party made him the Deputy Chairmanship Aspirant for the local government council election, in 2017. He was also the leader of a Youth movement, the Standup Against Corrupt Politician, SACP” she said.

Disturbed Mrs. Okeowo  explained further that after the outcome of the 2017 local government election in the area, her son was accused of exposing and using his knowledge of the internal wrangling within his former party, PDP, to plot the party’s electoral failure at the polls,adding that when the AD campaigns were on before the election, the APC and PDP as well as sponsored cult groups were assaulting her son and his campaign team. 

‘‘In August 2017 after the local government election, my son’s residence at Alapere, Ketu was razed by political thugs who had earlier attacked the place on several occasions looking for ways to eliminate him as he continued to garner more political strength. While his former party was calling for his head, an unknown man who said he was an All Progressives Congress (APC) messenger, also called him, saying he was sent to come and assassinate him’’  Mrs. Okeowo explained further.

"My son immediately reported the incident at the Alapere Police Station, where the police guaranteed him safety which was not in any way guaranteed, instead, the news we got later was that the aspiring Local Government Development Authority Chairmanship aspirant of his party had been murdered by suspected thugs" she said adding "one of the police officers my son reported the case to, told him that some political godfathers were behind his travail and that they were interested in the outcome of election in his area and would not let him rest till he is out of their ways ".

She further added that despite the fact that her son and his family relocated to another residence in Victoria Island, some men suspected to have been paid to eliminate him, also visited their new residence, noting that when they did not meet her son at home they descended on his wife and children, beating them to stupor”.

“Aside from Kehinde that is been trailed the thugs also on the 30th of March this year, attacked his younger brother Segun Okeowo at his residence where they inflicted serious wound on him, telling him that they would come back to deal with him if they could not see his brother Kehinde” the woman said with bewilderment.

She posited that currently, her own life too, has been in danger as she continued to receive threat calls from unknown persons who threatened to kill her, if she fails to produce her son and his entire family to come and face the music. 

"Up till now, the miscreants are vowing to use both local and international connections at their disposal to deal with my son wherever he is" she said, as she appealed to security operatives to come to her assistance, by bringing those behind the constant attacks on Kehinde and his family, to book.

She noted that while the PDP threat to her son's life was launched during the election in the area, the APC is still continuing it's own threat up till now

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