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Governor Dapo Abiodun: Celebrant Of Two Remarkable Events

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"The lines of politics are not like lined of mathematics. They are broad and deep as well as long. They admit of exceptions, they demand modi-cations. No line can be laid down from civil and political wisdom. They are a matter incapable of exact defination." - Edmund Burke

The above quotation aptly describes the double celebrations recently held in the state although in a low-key manner by Governor Dapo Abiodun in Abeokuta. First of the celebrations was to mark his 365days in office while the second was to celebrate his 60th birthday which also coincided with the date he was sworn-in as the number one citizen of the Gateway state. 

Against the above background one can therefore see clearly the hand of the Almighty God in all that have manifested before and after the ceremonies that marked the event. One particular and most intriguing aspect of the entire celebrations was the hand of the Almighty God whose ways are clearly different from that of humans.

Apart from arriving this world as a new born baby on 29th May, 1960, Governor Abiodun was also sworn into office on the same date and capped the entire event with a low-key marking of the Diamond Jubilee celebration. 

We recall that despite the low-key manner by which the two remarkable events were celebrated, the Organizers did somethings that deserve our commendation and that is focusing their attention on some of modest achievements of the governor during his first year in office. No leader as a matter of truth can satisfy all the needs of his people, no matter how dynamic, hardworking and benevolent. 

What is important for a good leader is to put down programmes and projects that will enable the masses to remember such leaders chairman Mao-Tse-Sung is today still being remembered by the gregarious Chinese people. 

Regardless of our past misgivings as well as others who do not see anything good being done by the present administration, we commend government's efforts in certain important and strategic areas of education, road repairs and re-construction, environmental cleanliness and security. There are still more areas where the administration has equally excelled but in order not to be labelled as a sycophantic medium, we will limit  our focus  on the above-named areas. 

Under the present administration, the former enviable status of education most especially primary schools which before now were inderelict are now wearing beautiful looks with eye-catching yellow iron roofing sheets. A visit to these primary schools in all the 20 local government areas of the state will astound critics that the man is doing marvellous work in the sector. Even the pupils who are currently locked down at home because of Covid-19 pandemic will be forced to put on smiling faces at the sight of the conducive environment of their learning .

It is also our strong belief that the administration is performing well in the area of road repairs and construction of new ones. Although it is easier to destroy than to build and judging by the enormityof many bad roads and uncompleted road projects inherited from the immediate past government, but we are still of the view that Gov. Abiodun is doing his best possible to restore sanity in the sector, that is not even all. 

A new road has sprung up at Fajol area of Obantoko in Abeokuta and the uniqueness of the road project is that it will reduce drastically the constant grid-lock of vehicles coming from Ibadan, Oyo state to Abeokuta. Similarly new road construction project is also on-going from Ijebu-Ode to Epe in Lagos State because "What is good for the goose is also good  for the gander". More of such road projects are also going on in other parts of the state. 

Giving the popular slogan that says "clean environment includes good living." It is therefore against this backdrop that the current administration also deserves a kudos for its effort in ensuring that the environment is clean, habitable for both young and old.

Lastly on security. So far the current administration has been working very hard and in collaboration with other stake holders to ensure that the state  is not only secure but the citizens are protected against all criminal elements. Aside from the recent furore occasioned by the appearance of the corona virus and the lock down to prevent it's spread, the citizens of the state have been sleeping peacefully with their two eyes closed.

Over all however, Governor Abiodun still needs to work harder than before and remain focused on providing better and lasting dividends of democracy for the masses, most especially in the  remaining three years of his administration in the Gateway State. 

Moses Olalekan

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