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"Governance is the art of managing and directing the affairs of the people by getting things done for them both by oneself as well as through others ".-- Mary Fillet. 

 By 29th May 2020, it will be precisely one year when the current administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun came into office to steer, manage and direct the affairs of the Gateway State. 

Governance is not an easy task, it is also not a tea-party where whoever finds himself/herself in such position will just take such responsibilities attach to the office with levity.
 We recall vividly that before this administration came on board one year ago, there had been three different administrations that steered the ship of the state with each of the leaders that found himself in the governorship office adopting different methods and strategies to implement the promises made to the people.

First among the three former administrations that had administered the Gateway State was the one headed by Chief Olusegun Osoba (Akinrogun and Aremo). 

Giving the fact that former Gov Osoba wanted to rule the State for two constitutionally approved four years each, it is our strong belief judging by the comments made by friends and opponents of Osoba administration gave commendation most especially for the developments of rural roads, rural electrification as well as the improvement of rural settlements. 

During the period of Osoba's government it was pleasantly comfortable to travel from Abeokuta to Ibadan, Oyo State through Obafe, Ajebo, Ogunmakin. Other rural roads across the state were also given priorities and commissioned by the man. 

Having highlighted some of the achievements of Osoba's administrations, it was generally believed that it would be an easy task for the administration to be re-elected in 2003 but defeated in the poll paving the way for former Gov. Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD). 

Under the dispensation of OGD, it was generally believed that the rural development programme would continue but what we witnessed was a complete departure. 

Although in an environment like ours, it is not a crime or strange thing for succeeding governments to discontinue the programmes and projects of their predecessors, most especially if the political platforms are diametrically opposed to one another.

Giving the fact that OGD did not follow the footstep of Osoba's administration, it is incontrovertible and factual that the former governor under the People Democratic Party (PDP) did his best to uplift Ogun State in the area of infrastructural development such as town ship roads in the three senatorial areas. 

The famous Lalubu road at Oke-Ilewo, the ten storey Opic House and re-construction of Kobape-Siun to Sagamu inter-change to four lanes road as well as the  first University of Education in Nigeria just to mention few are the OGD legacies that would never be forgotten. 

As if all the above mentioned achievements of Osoba and Daniel administrations seems unsurpasable by any other governor. 

The arrival of the immediate past administration headed by Sen Ibikunle Amosun (SIA) whose tenure lasted for eight years demonstrated clearly that unquatifiable progress can emanate from anybody in as much as the dedication, focus and commitment to achieving the goals are there. 

The eight years rules of SIA no doubt laid good foundation for increase future modernization of Gateway State. Abeokuta the State capital which looked like a divisional headquarter before Amosun came in, is not only wearing a beautiful look but also seasoned with some dualised roads as well as flyover bridges. 

The progressive infrastructural change of SIA was not only limited to the capital city, it also reached other major towns such as Ijebu -Ode, sagamu, Ijebu-Igbo,Ilaro and Otta. 

Even though critics and other fault -finders of SIA infrastructural provision ceaselessly accuse him of imbalance in its distribution but the former governor will however continue to be credited with the accolade for laying the historical foundation. 

It is therefore against the above mentioned successes, shortcomings and inadequacies of the former civilian rulers that propel us to beam our radar and searchlight on the one year administration of Gov. Dapo Abiodun in the Gateway State. 

There is no doubt that the new governor who has clocked one year in power inherited pension arrears, some unfinished projects from the preceding administration coupled with the unexpected emergence of covid-19 that is currently ravaging the world, we are however worried at the slow pace at which he has been moving with the governance of the state. 

His excellence is known and respected for gentle approach to issues but he needs to change from his taciturnity to openess in oder to carry the masses along. 

Governor Abiodun should therefore let the people know the direction he intends to move henceforth, because a journey of one million kilometers beings with one step.

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