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A middle aged Survey Technician in Abeokuta, Ogun State Mr  Enitan Julius has cried out to security agents to save him from constant threat to his life by unknown persons over his refusal to occupy the vacant royal stool of his ancestral home town.

Mr Enitan a resident of Obantoko, Abeokuta made the appeal while speaking with a cross section of  Journalists, explaining  that for over sixteen years now, he had been living in fear and anxiety, as some people believed to be from his home town in Egbado North Local Government Area of Ogun State, continue their hunt for him.

Looking disturbed as he related  his ordeal to journalists, the Survey Technician hinted that his travail began in 2003 after theroyal father of his town joined his ancestors, with a search for a successor by the town’s King makers.

“I am a Christian from one of the four ruling Houses in my town. I was a selected by my ruling house for the vacant royal stool of my town after the then traditional ruler of the community passed on, an offer which I rejected because I could not submit myself to the traditional rites among which was the drinking of concoction made from human blood, attached to the throne”. Enitan said.

He explained that his refusal to accept  the offer was among others hinged on the calamities which always befall the families of Obas  in the town, citing the mysterious death of his younger brother, Adam, who occupied the stool after he, Julius had rejected his selection to the stool.

“My younger brother allegedly died after taking some prepared concoction while undergoing the traditional rites and people attributed his death to his acceptance  of the Iyan royal stool and the development further aggravated my fear and made me less interested in the stool” he noted.

He noted that since his refusal in 2003, his residence in Fajol as well        as his office were raided more three times by some strange people who visited his family to perpetrate evil acts, stressing that during one of such visits, his wife Abosede and his youngest child Oluwatunmise were almost kidnapped by the visiting persons who were masked, with guns in their hands, stressing” I was attacked and wounded in the process and had to report the case at the Adatan Police Station, for investigation.

“Since it is now obvious that I will be picked again for the stool with the deteriorating health of my brother, the current occupier of the stool my mind has not been at rest because I know that I will be in, for another trouble”, he added, positing that he could no longer sleep with his two eyes closed and that he had moved members of his immediate family out of Nigeria because of threats to their lives.

He explained that early last month, he was tracked along the Ilaro-Ibese road by there strange men who were on a motorcycle, stressing “it was God that saved me as the men hurriedly turned back on sighting a Police check point along the route”.

Mr Enitan called on all security operatives in the State to help in the provision of adequate security for him and members of his family.

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