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Health Benefits Of Tamarind Fruit

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Tamarind fruit popularly known as “Samia” in this part of the world is a type of fruit grown in Africa and other parts of the world like India, Pakistan and other tropical areas.

It is used as spice when cooking and this fruit is also highly medicinal.

This fruit is used in many dishes around the world and it is highly medicinal. Every part of this fruit, from the tree to the seeds is highly important for medicinal purposes.

Cast For Broken Bones
The paste form of Tamarind fruit can be used as a cast for broken bones, the fruit is blended and mixed together to get a very thick paste which can be used to fix broken bones.

Treat Stomach Related Issues
Also, the powder form of Tamarind Fruit can be used to treat constipation, gall bladder problems, peptic ulcer, children’s intestinal worms, cold and fever. The fruit can also be soaked in water for days to treat health issues stated.

Treat Fever
In addition, the bark of the tree can be soaked in water to treat fever and for wound healing. So, if you have a wound that has refused to leave, try the leaves or bark of the Tamarind fruit

Heart Health
Also, according to health practitioners, the Tamarind fruit can be used to boost the health of your heart. The polyphenols in the Tamarind fruit help to regulate the cholesterol.

Weight Loss
In addition, if your aim is to reduce your weight, this fruit is also for you. The fruit contains hydroxyl citric acid, mild laxative and it helps prevent overeating. It also improves digestive system.

Hair Growth
Tamarind fruit can be used to stop hair breakage. The fruit is soaked in water, when washing hair, the water that has been induced with water would be used to wash the hair with the scalp massaged well with it.

This will be left for few minutes after which it would be washed off. If this is done constantly, it stops breakage and helps hair growth.

Stop sleeping on this fruit and get some for yourself.

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